Fall Colours around Philly

After 5 hours of waiting (thankfully in admiral lounge) @ PHL airport, I got into US Airways flight to DFW for final 2-day stint before heading home HYD. I took the long wait at the airport to compile few snaps and glimpses of Fall Colors around Philly (which is still in very primitive stage).   Raghav, Kalyan and I took a ride through the Ridley state park on the afternoon of Columbus Day (on Monday) looking for fall colors, and the park was just 20 minutes away. Though we found very few spots, drive was really serene. Raghav kept saying “Oh God, Oh God”, “so much clean air for our lungs”, but I wondered and said to him if he would come to this place so often, if he had actually lived here.

Later I checked with Siva and few other colleagues, and they said they never drove or came to the Ridley State Park.   Yesterday evening, Kalyan, Raghav, and I took the drive for home via Valley Forge Park, which was just few minutes of drive away. We saw very few traces of fall colors, but I was sure that this place would look so surreal in few weeks form now. We did find nice fall colors (which you can see below thumb nail) just outside our office in Philly, which needed just half a block walking. Like they say on the flight “Nearest exit may be behind you” and we found best fall colors in Philly just behind our office.

Sayonora from 38000 ft !!

Inside Ridley State Park
Parking lots on First Ave, KOP
All these set of pics from First Ave, near Gallop Office (King Of Prussia)

IMG_0115 IMG_0133 IMG_0136 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0142 IMG_0152   IMG_0172 IMG_0177 IMG_0180 IMG_0182 IMG_0185

2 thoughts on “Fall Colours around Philly

  1. Heading to Gallop at the end of the month and am planning on spending a day in Philly. I thought of checking out your blog for ideas of what to see 😉


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