I was in Charlotte, NC this weekend, visiting my niece Divya Chintala (whose ‘out of the box’ love story I had blogged few years ago).  Samapth and I spent two days this week at her newly built home in Charlotte.  Divya took me on a two-hour drive to Grandfather Mountain region to explore fall colors. We drove on Blue Ridge Parkway and first stopped at Blowing Rock.   Later we reached Linn Cove Viaduct . walked around the scenic area, took pics and took a U-turn to return back home.  Yes, we did stop for lunch (again at Blowing Rock area) and ate tasty pizza at Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria.   We had to wait more than 45 minutes to get a seat, but it was worth it.

Though fall foliage is still partial in the region, the views of endless vistas were amazing with varying levels of pigmentation noticed along the drive. Since the Divya has got a Jeep with sunroof, this time I was able to anchor my GoPro Hero 4 on the sunroof, to make best out of 270 degree of view of the road, that we were driving on.   Be sure to see the cool HDR pics in the blog, and the video with sound track sourced from “Ridge” video which is going viral on FB and YouTube.

I close the blog with million thanks to lovely hosts Divya and Vipin.


Views from Blowing Rock


On top of 250 million year old Blowing Rock !!


Linn Cove Via Duct

IMG_9999 IMG_9975 IMG_0109 IMG_0103 IMG_0102 IMG_0091 IMG_0073 IMG_0072 IMG_0064 IMG_0020 IMG_0015 IMG_0005 AIMG_0046 AIMG_0042


Our Hosts Divya & Vipin

Via Duct, in full fall colors (source: internet)

Via Duct, in full fall colors (source: internet)

There is one other thing that touched my soul in NC.  It is home cooked khandaan meal by Divya. Highlight of the trip was Dosa, Besan, and Upma combo (which I fondly call it as Doubler Decker Dosa).  It was layered with hot and liquidy upma and besan, served crispy and right of the pan.  This is the only 20 minutes, I stayed away from the phone and did not answer any calls or whatsapp message and stayed focus on eating Dosa for breakfast both on Saturday and Sunday

Amazing Dosa, Besan, & Upma (AKA Double Decker Dosa)

Amazing Dosa, Besan, & Upma (AKA Double Decker Dosa)

Delicious Pizza @ Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria in Blowing Rock, NC

Delicious Pizza @ Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria in Blowing Rock, NC

Farewell Dinner by Divya

Farewell Dinner by Divya

Divya was able to whip multiple delicacies within less than an hour, as farewell dinner before we headed to the airport.

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