Cigniti on Wall Street

You got it right. ’48 Wall Street’ was stormed by several dozens of senior executives, who directly or indirectly influence Quality Initiatives, from various Enterprises around North East region. They were exclusively invited for LiQE event hosted by Team Cigniti. LiQE is an exclusive and seminal quality engineering thought leadership focused workshop that brings best in class software test engineering thought leaders, leading industry analysts, quality management executives and senior professionals from global enterprises and Independent software vendor organizations.

Our Eastern edition of LiQE included key note session and Panel moderation with theme titled “True Digital business demands Speed@Quality and shifting from quality assurance to quality engineering: are you ready?”

As businesses are increasingly adopting Digital, it has become imperative that they are geared up to deliver uncompromising software quality at unimaginable speeds. It is widely known that Amazon releases software every 11.6 Seconds. Forrester has written in their research that companies like the NY Times, Capital GE and other, besides just the usual unicorns like Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, Google, deliver at high speed too. Continuous Deployment is now becoming a reality, thanks to Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, and Continuous Testing with DevOps becoming mainstream. Enterprises need to put “Test” in DevOps and do what Forrester defines “DevTestOps”.

At the event, Pradeep Govindasamy (President & CTO, Cigniti) spoke about DevTestOps, and discussed the importance of making testing a first class citizen with a proper strategic focus. He also discussed various means to have integration testing, development, operations work seamlessly in one cycle. He also evangelized how important shifts in testing are the enabling factor.  He cautioned how testing gets more technical as we aim for increased levels of automation. He also advised how to adopt how continuous integration, and leverage emerging technologies like service virtualization, gets enabled with cloud based test environments.

Highlight of the event included keynote session from, Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester (Vice President, Principal Analyst) who shared his research findings, insights, and experiences and explained how leading organizations (not just Unicorns) ensure Speed @ Quality by revolutionizing the way they test.

Finale was a surprise event with Mark Mitton hosting a magic show and related Magic and Quality. He also gave secrets to couple of his magic tricks.

Comments from LiQE Particiapants:

“This was the most informative agile and QA keynote session I have heard. The facts presented are so apt to our business and will be greatly helpful.”  

“I walked-in knowing nothing about DevOps and Pradeep’s session made me feel like I am a DevOps Guru now. I am very confident this session will help me go long way”. –

“You guys have progressed a lot…..this was a true thought leadership event….no fluff, no glamor – pure thought leadership. I enjoyed this more than the previous edition, you guys have done it again”. – Suchi Reddy, Exeter finance.

 “Thank you for the photos and for being such a great host yesterday. I really enjoyed the LIQE sessions, networking opportunities, and spending time with you and the other people from Cigniti. I look forward to meeting again in the future!”  

“I am constantly surprised on how you guys execute such amazing events with so much ease. I wanted to tell you this was a great conference and I am looking forward for next one.”   

“It was indeed a true thought leadership event, this is nothing less than an outstanding contribution in the field of Quality Engineering”

 I have personally enjoyed the event, and all the sessions. I have noticed great deal of camaraderie between the diverse set of customers and prospects. They enjoyed interacting with each other and learning about each other, and seems to have become good buddies by the end of the dinner. Few of them said, “I want to come to western edition of LiQE too”, which is being held in the bay area soon.

About The Venue: 48 Wall Street, known at one time as the Bank of New York Building was built in 1928 on land used by the bank since 1797, on the corner of Wall Street and William Street in New York City‘s Financial District. Its former banking hall has been modified to house the Museum of American Finance, which moved there in October 2007.


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