Cigniti 4G

Cigniti teams and it’s vision transforms from 3.0 (which I had reported last year) to 4G mode, with industry leaders and veteran like Rahul Pratti and others joining us to further accelerate our growth story.  We concluded our quarter business review in Dallas today.  Change seems only thing constant at Cigniti, and yet we continue embrace the change, and heading towards becoming World’s largest independent testing services organisation. Here are few pics from last two days events.  Full write up and video clips in the weekend. Exciting times continue @ Cigniti.

_MG_8323  _MG_8309 _MG_8114 _MG_8109 _MG_8104 _MG_8101 _MG_8066 _MG_8063 _MG_8052 _MG_8369 _MG_8367 _MG_8363 _MG_8360 _MG_8358

Selfie with sales team


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