Death Note – My first experience with anime !!

I have been watching my kids intensely following anime based cartoon series forever now, and I have been constantly chiding them “What’s this weird stuff you guys are watching” and giving them gyan on “What’s happening with your lives” which obviously ignored my comments and continued to watch them.  Last week, Aniketh compelled me to watch at least 22 minutes of one episode of Death Note series.  I thought I would do it, at least for the same of giving him a company, and get to have something in common between, and may be learn more about DEATH NOTE which I heard about at recently held COMICCON in Hyderabad.  And it changed my perception anime forever.  

Plot is extremely simple and yet very complex at the same time. The series is beyond run-of-the-mill cartoons, series, or movies that I have seen in awhile. It’ is slick, clever, mind boggling, creepy, dark, funny, brilliant, thought provoking, and presented flawlessly at the same time. Storyline and presentation was quite innovative, and just when you think that it can’t get any deeper, you will see the story evolving more and more complex, and yet presented such that it makes it easy to keep you glue-in. I have watched 22 of 35 episodes, and can’t wait to finish the series.

One of the reviewer on the net commented: It’s a constant game of cat and mouse as the lead investigator and the suspected “Kira” or “Killer” always seem to be one step ahead of one another. The two brilliant minds constantly outwit each other. The plot is complex but easily laid out for you and the story is remarkably intelligent and inventive. This is great stuff and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who might be looking for a change of pace in anime. It’s not for everyone, of course since it’s more of an intellectual thriller and not so much an action fantasy, but anyone who can appreciate the mental challenge of following along with this suspenseful battle of wits will be in heaven with Death Note.   I absolutely agree with it.

I would bet if you watch one episode, and you are sure to glued in for the entire series. I would write more about it next week.  I am glad that Aniketh introduced the series to me, and both Revanth and Aniketh gave company watching along with me for last 10 days, and it was a fun ride watching the series. Since then I am promoting and discussing this series in all my interactions with friends and colleagues. I thought I would write about it this week, before I wrap-up my weekend.

More on this next weekend..

I have watched it on NetFlix, though I saw few links on the YouTube

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