Driving on Bayshore, Blvd – Tampa, Florida

I had touched down in Tampa late evening yesterday, to attend a key C-Level meeting with a Large Enterprise in town. This is my second business visit to the town.   Keric (my sales buddy for more than 7 years) and I attended the meeting this morning, and hosted our customer for Lunch at Outback Steakhouse.  We immediately started back to the airport (TPA), which was quite close-by.  Since we had 3 hours to check-in, I suggested Keric that we take a scenic route to the airport, which will take extra 45 minutes to the airport.

We took the Bayshore Blvd route. I slapped newly upgraded GoPro Hero 4 and shot the below footage in Super Wide Angle format and on 4K.  I googled for good road / travelling song, and chose the nice sound track for ZNMD movie which was one of the most recommended song.  Since we did not get out of the car, I did not take any pics of the site. Our customer had suggested additional scenic points, but Keric did not want to take the risk, because of anticipated huge lines at all the airports. I had heard on the radio that over 35 million Americans would be on the road travelling more than 50 miles away from the home

My verdict: This drive may not make it to my top 3 drives around the world. My first one is still goes to Wellington Bay, second one goes to Great Ocean Drive, and third one goes to Grand Pacific Drive. Click the hyperlinks to see those videos.

Trivia from Wiki:

Bayshore Boulevard is a waterfront road on Hillsborough Bay in South Tampa, Florida. Located south of downtown Tampa, its sidewalk, claimed to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world at 4.5 miles long, is 10 feet wide and is widely used for recreation and exercise. The 3-mile bike lane, a linear park, and the Bayshore Greenway Trail provide scenic views of urban Tampa and the water.

Here is my video footage in 1080P format.   Be sure the tropical weather pattern, and how weather has changed during our drive.

My best experience so far:

Few pics from the net:

B1 Bayshore BB3 BB4

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