Thank you from 30000 Feet

Thanks to everyone who wished me via all possible avenues: emails, in-person, via phone calls, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp personal messages, Whatsapp group messages, telegram app (personal and group messages),   Facebook wall posts, SMS text, for Prakash who sang entire HBD song in a enthusiastic tone over the phone from Hyderabad, for JNTU gang who changed the group name to “Happy Birthday Sai” for a period of 24 hours, and automated email greetings from hotels where I unknowingly left my email address, insurance companies, hospital chains, tax accountant entities, etc 🙂

Thank you to the Cigniti Dallas office for their cake, and folks from mgmt team for hosting dinner.  I keep forgetting who should pay for dinner, birthday boy or his friends? It differs by the country, and I lost track of the scheme.   I started the Day with breakfast biscuit at McD in Las Colinas, lunch at Best Thai in Carrollton (it is not really the best thai in town, but smartly named themselves as Best Thai), and Dinner at “Taste of Chettinad” in Plano.  Yes, there isn’t really a big difference between a regular day and a special day, when you are the road.

Since I am in US time zone, I felt my birthday lasted for almost 36 hours.   I have disabled my birthday on FB, as I have become little shyer for HBD events, as I get an year younger as each year passes by. However, word does spread around on social media. It does feel heartwarming to be in the ecosystem, where I am still being remembered.

Finally Thanks to my wife Radhika who wished me in multiple time zones.  I missed being at home on my birthday, as Radhika always insists of homemade delicacies, in lieu of going to Restaurants.  Revanth and Aniketh made extra special via their tribute on my FB wall. Given their “boy” genes, they rarely express their feeling in any medium. They wish me in a very laid back done…hhaaaaappppyy.. bbbbbirdayy….. daaaaad…  in a half sleep body language and tone… slouching on the sofa (while Radhika yelling in the background ..”Did you guys wish your Dad”… and I am looking at them “When ? When ? When ?).

Now that I was on the road, here is what they said.   I did feel homesick when I saw both these posts. Who wouldn’t ?

IMG_2015-09-03 20:43:36

IMG_2015-09-03 20:43:43

Heartwarming message from my brother number 4
On my birthday just 2 years ago..
On my birthday just 2 years ago..

Update from Sep 25, 2015

Radhika hosted Pooja and Homam and conducted Ayush Pooja.

What is Ayush Pooja ?

Ayush Homa is a part of an ancient tradition and is performed to offer prayers for increasing one’s health and longevity. We pray for good health so that our eyes have proper sight until the last moments of our life; our ears should be able to hear properly till the time we leave this body. Along with the chantings, we also honour the Navagrahas (nine planets) and offer the sacred food grains associated with each planet into the sacrificial fire. This is what Ayush Homa is all about. So during the Homa we chant mantras and pray to the Divine, saying, “May my lifespan increase; may I be healthy and free from diseases, and may only auspicious things happen through me. May I feel belongingness with everyone and everything around me”. So one performs the Ayush Homa with all these prayers and wishes. This is an ancient Vedic way of celebrating one’s birthday.

Pics are below.

IMG_9329 IMG_9337 IMG_9349 IMG_9355

Below cover page shot by Avinash Manthri from my team, enroute to JFK on SWA flight.


4 thoughts on “Thank you from 30000 Feet

  1. Happy Birthday Sai. I consider your blogs as the best return gift for everyone of us. I can’t help, but say it is like ‘Growing up with Sai’.

    With Best Wishes.


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