Valley Forge, PA

I am in Philly region next few days. After a week in Dallas, it feels refreshing to drive around Valley Forge historic park region, which is just 5 minutes from where I stay here now.  Satish and I took a stroll around the park for about 30 minutes.  Here are few glimpses via GoPro Hero 4 and 6D

Wiki Trivia: Valley Forge in Pennsylvania was the site of the military camp of the American Continental Army over the winter of 1777–1778 during the American Revolutionary War. With winter almost setting in, and with the prospects for campaigning greatly diminishing, General George Washington sought quarters for his men. Washington and his troops had fought what was to be the last major engagement of 1777 at the Battle of White Marsh (or Edge Hill) in early December. He devised to pull his troops from their present encampment in the White Marsh area (now Fort Washington State Park) and move to a more secure location for the coming winter.

IMG_8781 IMG_8776 IMG_8774 IMG_8772 IMG_8769 IMG_8767 IMG_8754 IMG_8750 IMG_8734 IMG_8733 IMG_8726 G0040089 G0030048

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