Big Brother’s Big Birthday !!

It is my big brother’s birthday today. He is one of the first few folks that I have known since my childhood, who consistently exhibited leadership qualities all his life. This blog is dedicated to him as he celebrates his 50th birthday today in Sydney. Look below, for a heartwarming video tribute by over 50 friends and family members across multiple countries and continents, and few pics from family event which was celebrated a week ahead of his birthday

I always found my brother to be a strong leader, charismatic, highly ambitious, inspiring, forward looking, balanced thinker, a great dreamer of consistently aiming something big in life, and enjoying life in all situations. I rarely saw him in anxiety or panic mode, in all economic conditions. He has great sense of humor and art of delivering a strong message and objections with a pinch of humor, whether to his folks at his business or his kids and spouse, and family members. He is known to be short tempered, spews anger, but again quickly regrets and calms down.

He has great respect and balanced understanding for all cultures, religions, and spiritual beliefs. He has vowed entire inner circle by agreeing for his daughter Divya to wed someone she fell in love, which was a first time event in our entire clan. I had already written a blog on that love story, which is still the most read blog on my website.

He has left college at a relatively young age, to take care of Dad’s business, and today runs one India’s largest franchise for textile fabrics from multiple manufacturers. He earned tremendous respect from all his business associates, and now leading fabric manufacturers are eager to earn his business and award him trophies and awards in major conferences around the world to recognize volume of sales he is able to achieve. He has a close group of friends since his high school who still meet-up at least once a week, enjoy in a bar, plan vacations with families, and have great bonding and respect to each other. He has been magic glue that made this happen amongst his friends

One of the pleasant memories I have about him is how he truly represented as a big brother, starting when I was in school. I was in 8th grade, and one my classmate was bullying me. He (my classmate) really annoyed me and we both ended up in a scuffle in the classroom and teacher asked us to see our principal Mr. Phillips Sir, who made both of us kneel down outside his office during the lunch hour (in typical Indian style), which made me teary eyed.   My brother’s classmates alerted him about the incident. Seenu came to my classroom, took the kid who harassed me by his collar and warned him, in front of the crowded classroom, “Sai is my brother. I am in the same school. No one should mess with him”. Nothing happened after that. Of course the kid who bullied me also became a good friend.

There is lot more to write, but not sure if there are readers out there, who has so much time in the ‘whatsapp’ world.  I will keep those stories for future blogs

Happy Birthday to my brother Seenu again!!

This video initiative was planned 3 weeks ago, however most of the folks send their video clips via whatsapp in last 48 hours.  Thanks to Divya, Anusha, Ramesh, Suresh, and others who helped in getting video footage.  Thanks to Ramesh and Suresh for awesome event planning at SV Fabrics and getting the group selfie video. I had asked everyone to just speak few nouns and adjectives about my brother.  However many were too shy to take that option, and instead chose to just say Happy Birthday or gave longer monologues, hence you will see variations in structure of video.  Also, I want to thank to all the folks who participated in the ‘wishing’ parade, and making this video gift extra special to my brother Seenu

When was the last time, you saw a team celebrating their boss’s birthday with so much gaiety and excitement, even when boss is not in the office with them ? Below clip demonstrates the ‘following’ that my brother was able to achieve from his team at SV Fabrics group.  Here employees discuss how he genuinely strives to success of his team, and makes them feel that they belong to the organisation, which fuels them to work hard for success of the company.  It is a perfect win-win situation.  Though he did not study at premium MBA school, he does enforce best practices in the industry

IMG_7061 IMG_7065 IMG_7067 IMG_7085 IMG_7093 IMG_7131 IMG_7142 IMG_7148 IMG_7192 IMG_7237 IMG_7245 IMG_7251 IMG_7252

8 thoughts on “Big Brother’s Big Birthday !!

  1. Very nice celebration and hats off to your idea of collecting the wishes of all family members and friends.


  2. Awesome sai you really make every moment of our family celebrations memorable by your blogs and videos…
    we are proud of you…
    Wish you most and more…


  3. Good one Sai, Nice to see the respect you have for your elder brother. May all your family members and friends remain united and enjoy lovely memories-Ameen


  4. Dear Sai my hearty full greetings&blessings to ur beloved eldeR brother really I am proud of
    Great CHINTHALA FAMLY .every body must seek some thing through great MAARGADARSHI


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