“Suuperrr Machi” Friday @ Cigniti

We @ Cigniti almost realize that it’s a Friday, when we see everyone around us in a casual dress code, smiles on the faces become little wider, body language is lot more casual, chai adda in the campus becomes extra busier, lunch hour seems to feel lot more than an hour, loitering around the lobbies becomes lot more louder… We really know that it’s a Friday, when we start hearing latest pop music from Bollywood & Tollywood on our PA systems just around 5PM. Yep, it is part of TGIF  (Thank God, It’s a Friday) tradition @ Cigniti.

Thanks to our corporate services team, this Friday was extra special. I would call it as “Suuperr Machi” Friday.   Black cats (aka Cigni-Dancers) of Cigniti descended around our cubicle isles at 4:15PM today, danced to latest hit songs “Suuperr Machi’ (and more) and transformed entire floor into a dance floor getting everybody to dance on their feet. They have repeated this feat for more than an hour across all the floors of Cigniti and in multiple bays on a floor.

This blog and below video link gives glimpses of “Suuperr Machi” Friday @ Cigniti. Kudos to all the Cignitians who made this event a success. Special thanks to folks from the Cignipix (Cigniti Photography Club) who captured the footage in the videos, and pics archived in this blog

IMG_7995 IMG_7993

DSC_0448DSC_0433 IMG_7979 IMG_7972 IMG_7961 IMG_7951 IMG_7938 IMG_7901 IMG_7892 IMG_7888 IMG_7885 IMG_7881 IMG_7879 IMG_7878 IMG_7873 IMG_7869 IMG_7865 IMG_7861 IMG_7854 IMG_7848 IMG_7846 IMG_7844 IMG_7841 IMG_7839

5 thoughts on ““Suuperrr Machi” Friday @ Cigniti

  1. Very nice — All my friends are really rocking. 🙂 Ravali Super machi Friday’s malli malli 🙂


  2. OMG!! Cigni-Dancers – you guys bought the BANG ON mood across the floors:-) Dance by our leaders must be pointed…was awesome..!!

    Promise us, you guys have to join us at Cignival floor too!!! 🙂


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