Thai Food in Thailand

I always look for Thai Food, when I am outside India, as my first choice of cuisine.  I rarely even look for what’s on the thai menu, as I always go for Red Curry , Green Curry, Panang Curry, Pad Thai, Thai Basil Fried Rice, and available vegetarian soups (Tom Yum or Tom Kha).  It is a no brainer that I have explored for all possible Thai Food options, when I was in Thailand for few days this week for business meetings.  Yes, This blog is all about Thai food in Thailand. Contrary to how differently Chinese food tastes in China, Thai food in Thailand tasted similar to what i have experienced in many fine thai restaurants in US, Europe, Australia, NewZealand, and in Hyderabad too.


An evening at Sirocco is considered a perfect dining experience ever since the world’s highest alfresco restaurant first opened its doors, I have been told. SIROCCO is featured in popular and hit Hollywood movie “Hangover Part 2” and is often raved in may travel portals. We visited this place primarily to have a drink (and as a tick mark in our bucket list), as reviews for food indicated just about “OK Food” for its expensive pricing. This restaurant received a Perfect 10 from Thailand Tatler for all four categories of Food, Wine, Ambience and Service, per its website.  Skybar is located on the 64th floor. We hanged out around the Skybar for less than hour, savoring a drink while enjoying awesome views, skyline, and changing color of the sky from blue skies to dark skies. Pricing for the drink was reasonable, contrary to what we expected, and well worth the views, which are captured both in pics and video format.


Sky Bar at 64th Floor

IMG_5209 IMG_5208


IMG_5215 IMG_5206 IMG_5198 IMG_5193

2) Na Roon

As soon as we walked out of a meeting with a large financial services firm, we realized it was time for lunch. I quickly googled for “Thai Vegetarian Food”. I was pointed to Na Roon which is just 8 minute walk away from the office that we visited, and was rated quite high.  It is located in a serene setting (despite in midst of apartment complexes) and was oozing old world charm.  We were pleasantly welcomed by Ganesha Idol at the entrance gate with lots of greenery.  Menu indicated that they serve Vegetarian and Organic Food and Sea Food only. We have ordered RED CURRY and PAD THAI.  Both tasted really good, and ambience was awesome, hence I have included extra pics

IMG-20150616-WA0005 IMG-20150616-WA0003

IMG_5132 IMG_5128

3) Dinner at Isabella’s Piano

This place was just next door to Hotel Centerpoint, located in a mall.  Again, red curry here.  Food was tasty.  There was a piano at the entrance, but I did not find Isabella.  However, we did hear nice western music (a song from Dance with me) was being played somewhere near by


4) Anna and Charlie’s Cafe

We were hosted by our local partner for lunch at this place.  This place was not veggie friendly.  My partner translated my food requirements in local language to the hostess. I asked for Thai Basil Fried Rice without meat and egg, and with very few vegetables, and good amount of spices.  However, hostess, served me Plain white rice with some vegetables sauteed with it, and with zero spice. So, I ended up borrowing some spice, and peanut powder from my colleague who had ordered Pad Thai and made my own seasoned rice on the table.  I did not take the picture, as it did not look compelling.  Later I ordered Thai Dessert, Banana Fritter with Ice Cream.  I liked the dessert because it was not deep fried, like they do at the other thai places. It was lightly sauteed and served with light pancake sauce

92391_8735505707 IMG_6536-600x400


We stopped by this place on the way to the hotel, and is close to BTS “Asok” station.  Hardly anyone spoke English at this place. They did not understand, when I asked for “Water”.  With great difficulty we said, we want Pad Thai, no egg, no meat, no chicken, no tofu, fewer vegetables. Quantity of the food was light, but tasted was pretty reasonable. Mona said, this is a very authentic food outlet.



One’s Cafe

This place is owned by a Sardarji.  It is located as part of a large hotel, and alternate entrance (via main road on Sukhumvit) was through a cloth shop which is also owned by Sardar family.  We had Thai Friend Rice and Green Curry. Both tasted good and they understood our requirements really well.



Silom Village @ Suvarnabhoomi Airport.

This was our last attempt for Thai Cuisine in Thai Land, though we almost tempted to go for a Dosa or a Pizza. We stopped at Silom Village, which was a pretty quiet place though located in the airport (Concourse D), and there was ample room to work on emails while having good food. I asked for Thai Green Curry Friend Rice, which was in the menu.  Hostess got me the Green Curry and Rice seperatey. When I showed her what I saw on the menu, she went back, mixed both of them, and got me Thai Green Curry Fried Rice.  It was just about OK, after I spiced it with chopped red chillies.  Thai Iced Coffee was good with no surprises.



Selfie with a Cabbie

I have realized all or most Cabbies in Thailand do not like to converse much, and they hardly speak English.  It is often ends up into an animated discussion when explaining them on where we want to go.  Most signs are in Thai language, so it is not easy to figure out if you have reached or reaching the destination.  Google maps is of great help, however some of the instructions / street names in the maps is also in Thai language.  If you ask Cabbie to look at the map, he is mostly like to get offended and says in Thai language “i know, i know”.  If you repeat GO LEFT, GO RIGHT, he is more than likely to get upset and says, “No Cab for you” like the Soup Guy in Seinfeld episode says, “No Soup For you”.

This is only cabbie, who almost smiled.  I showed him the pic, and said you like a hero. He said, “What” (in thai).  I said you like a King, He said “What” (in thai again”.  I said  you like a PM of thai,  he said, “What” (in thai again).  I said, “Nee abba” and stopped the topic.


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