Mother’s Day 2015

I have used Mother’s Day as an excuse to get the local members of Chintala clan for a get together.   Otherwise, it’s not easy to align calendars of young and adult members in the family, on a regular weekend. We all met at Jiva vegetarian restaurant in town. This video captures just 2 minute of our 3-hour event.   My folks didn’t realize that I was shooting video, and not taking snaps.

I have also asked each member of the family to give ab ode to their Mom and what they mean to them. Their response was endearing, emotional, and hilarious. I have also had folks who are away from the home in US and other parts of the India send their tribute via WhatsApp.  All of it is compiled in a 8-minute footage and tribute can be accessed via below link.   You would love it, and relate it if you know Telugu.

Click below to play the tribute video.

Mother’s Day Celebration Video (below link)

IMG_3261 IMG_3263 IMG_3264

IMG_3230 IMG_3237

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