Cigniti Team Outing @ Deccan Trails

After flexing brain muscles in the board room yesterday, today Cigniti Asia Pacific team from Sales, Presales, Inside Sales, Marketing, and Delivery went for team building exercise at Deccan Trails (no frills camp site) just about an hour drive from outer ring road. Since I have returned home little earlier than rest of the team, I was able to quickly stitch tiny amount of my footage and snaps on iMovie, and powered it with sound track from latest ‘smart’ Telugu flick “Evade Subramanyam”. I was listening to this track enroute to campsite, and quickly decided to use it, thanks to it’s fast moving lyrics, instead of using some random instrumental.

 Deccan Trails is an adventure and outdoor campsite situated on a small hill top abutting a verdant of 40 S KM forest. We are told, if one is lucky, one could see wildlife such as wild boar, neelgiri, spotted deer, peacocks, rabbits, porcupines, etc.  It is close enough to the city, and far enough to get a feel of distance campsite/resort.  However, the facilities offered are really limited, and not suited for families with young ones.  I don’t mind coming again here with my kids and their cousins.

Here is the video followed by outing pics, and boardmeeting pics too.

Mona Frey
Calvin Klien of Cigniti
Prasad Palekar
Shyam of Inside Sales
Geeta, Inside Sales
Kiran Kumar, Sales
Rajesh, PreSales
Jay, PreSales
Sairam, Marketing

20150403141605_IMG_2166 20150403142518_IMG_2187 20150403152128_IMG_2213 20150403152818_IMG_2216 20150403154755_IMG_2227 20150403154807_IMG_2229 20150403154841_IMG_2238

20150403155036_IMG_2257 20150403154905_IMG_2244 20150403155032_IMG_2255 20150403161628_IMG_2289 20150403172543_IMG_2301 20150403173947_IMG_2313 20150403174205_IMG_2329 20150403175603_IMG_2340 20150403175647_IMG_2352 20150403175658_IMG_2357 DSC_6792 DSC_6825

Inside Sales Team
Group Selfie


Really enjoyed relaxing here
Really enjoyed relaxing here
King of APAC Sales Team

DSC_6844 DSC_6847 DSC_6896 DSC_7020 DSC_7069 DSC_7079 DSC_7089 DSC_7092 DSC_7100 DSC_7115 DCIM101GOPRO

Full Moon view from our Tents
Full Moon view from our Tents

DSC_7350 DSC_7346 DSC_7329 DSC_7321 DSC_7280 DSC_7388

Pics from the Boardroom


Brijesh Bodla
Brijesh Bodla
APAC Sales Team
APAC Sales Team
APAC Delivery Team
APAC Delivery Team
Jayendran Ganesan
Jayendran Ganesan


Nagaraj Javvaji
Nagaraj Javvaji
APAC Sales Team
APAC Sales Team


2 thoughts on “Cigniti Team Outing @ Deccan Trails

  1. Smiles across the faces of your team members tells us how much they enjoyed it…Nice pics Sai


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