Driving on Grand Pacific

Vijaya Kakade (our Sales Director for Aussie region) took us for a spin on Grand Pacific Drive on his beamer.  Listed below are pics of sights we have experienced, and immersive video shot on GoPro (now with a selfie pod) with my favorite sound track that I often use for video related to beautiful drives.

We also had a chance to watch last 15 overs of SL vs. SA @ SCG.  Few pics from the games are also in here.

Will do the write-up, possibly in the weekend.  For now, pics and video says it all.

img_20150318_165049 img_20150318_165036 img_20150318_165033



Source: dnsw.com

img_20150318_204032~2 imag1775 imag1774 imag1772 imag1762 imag1761 imag1755 imag1753 imag1778 imag1785 imag1797

3 thoughts on “Driving on Grand Pacific

  1. This video (drive on pacific) I saw at 11:20pm EST. Such a nice and so pleasant video : selection of song, the back ground music, and journey ..Superb.. Thank you Sai, I got relaxed and had nice sleep after this..


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