Capital City Canberra !!

Just landed in Melbourne, just about time for the weekend. Spent 5 days in Sydney, and 2 days in capital city of Australia, i.e., Canberra, to support my ANZ sales team. My thoughts on Canberra are being documented, but for now, some snaps are included in the weekend blog. Below thumbnail points to our office building in Sydney, where we have an office on the 13th floor, just few seconds walk from Sydney tower. See some cool snaps from taken from the tower too.

Yes, Yes, I am going to watch the IND vs. SA game in MCG on Sunday along 100,000 count crazy cricket fans, just for the sake of all my friends around the world, who are crazy about the cricket game. I am going into the stadium, with new set of gadgets, to capture the immersive experience of watching the game in the legendary stadium ☺

Full story… hopefully during the weekend..  it’s just started 🙂

View from Australia Parliament House Roof Top
View from Australia Parliament House Roof Top
The Grand Hall Inside Parliament

IMG_9331 IMG_9326 IMG_9321 IMG_9317 IMG_9313 IMG_9306 IMG_9303 IMG_9300 IMG_9298 IMG_9297 IMG_9295 IMG_9294

House of Representatives
House of Senate

CIgniti Sydeny HQ
CIgniti Sydeny HQ
CIgniti Sydeny HQ

20150217140632_IMG_9252 20150217140637_IMG_9253 20150217140724_IMG_9255 20150217140940_IMG_9263 20150217142244_IMG_9274 20150217142623_IMG_9283 20150217142721_IMG_9285 IMAG1307 IMAG1323 IMAG1342 IMG_9202 IMG_9203 IMG_9207 IMG_9208 IMG_9210 IMG_9211 IMG_9217 IMG_9223 IMG_9224 IMG_9228

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