Birds of ICRISAT !!

ICRISAT has long been the holy grail of birders in the city. The varied and undisturbed environs encompassing agricultural, wetland, woodland areas play host to a variety of resident and migratory species. On an especially lucky day, it was told that, we can get to snaps of over 110 species.

I have recently become member of BSAP mailing list and received an alert about birding event at ICRISAT. I have invited Aniketh (my younger one) for the event, as he has now adopted Photography as the hobby as part of his school curriculum and I have noticed that he has been clicking good pics and was told that he does better than his Dad. He was ready to wake up at 5:30AM, despite that it’s a Sunday.   My long time college buddy and avid birder, Venkat Rao, also pledged to join the event.

We drove to ICRISAT and reached the place at 7:30AM.  Birders of different gender, age, and nation were already to board the ICRISAT bus (as private vehicles were not allowed inside the campus).   We were dropped at multiple areas with water bodies, and given time to explore the serene surrounding, and take snaps or watch birds via binoculars.  Since the group was big, it wasn’t easy to capture snaps of birds in the rendezvous mode, given the noise/sound and hustle bustle created by the kids and chatter by  non birders.

Here is the short video that I compiled using few glimpses that I caught as I followed Aniketh and Venkat taking snaps of birds of ICRISAT.  Most of the snaps were taken by Aniketh, as I wasn’t carrying a long lens for my Canon 6D.

IMG_8828 IMG_8826  IMG_8817 IMG_8811 IMG_8806 IMG_8804 IMG_8803 IMG_8800 IMG_8791 IMG_8786  IMG_8849  IMG_8833  IMG_8770 IMG_8765 IMG_8763 IMG_8761 DSC08871 DSC08843 DSC08832 DSC08830 DSC08827 DSC08822 DSC08819 DSC08801 DSC08797 IMG_8878 IMG_8873 DSC08796 DSC08776 DSC08773 DSC08772 DSC08769 DSC08767

These below pics were shot by Venkat Rao

DSC_0327 DSC_0339 DSC_0399-1 DSC_0614 DSC_0626

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