Cigniti 3.0

We have just concluded our annual strategy session for year 2015. Unlike previous years (where we conducted this type of event at a resort), this year, team has decided to conduct the planning event at our new facility “Vega” @ Ascendas IT Park in Hyderabad, inside our brand new and slick corporate boardroom.  BU heads of Sales, Delivery, Presales, Test Advisory, Marketing, Innovation, IT, Process, HR, CTO, CEO, MD, etc. collaborated and discussed ‘what it takes to’ to achieve ‘super sized’  / big hairy & audacious goals for 2015 and beyond.

If I were to summarize the action plan in two words, it would be to “Run Smarter”, which is the theme for Cigniti 3.0. Most of the discussions panned around on realizing MD & CEO’s vision for 2015 and beyond, and realizing the recent pledge made by Sriram on CNBC.

Event concluding with MD’s inspiring words which he summarized in simple yet high impacting words: “Work Hard”, and “Stay Fit”. I continue to feel Cigniti as one of the few organizations (that I worked) where I felt most empowered (and least constraint free), most rewarding both professionally and financially.

Entire organisation is more charged than ever to exceed the goals set for 2015 and beyond. Be sure to watch us coming soon to transform QA & Testing at several Enterprises from Global 1000, near your region 🙂

Video & Photo Glimpses from 2015 Strategy Meeting

Sriram Rajaram on CNBC Live, talking about Cigniti Growth Plans


Srikanth Chakkilam, Executive Director
Sanjay Jupudi, NA Sales
Sai Chintala, Global Pre-Sales
Nanda Padmaraju, Europe Sales
Sudhakar Pennam, CEO
Mr. Subramanyam Chakkilam, MD


IG Reddy, Demand Generation
Ramana Vemuri, Process, IT & HR
Sriram Rajaram, Corporate Strategy
Raghuram Krovvidy, Global Delivery
Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO
Sairam Vedam, Global Marketing

IMG_8404IMG_8413IMG_8416IMG_8426  IMG_8345 IMG_8358   IMG_8367  IMG_8370 IMG_8371 IMG_8381 IMG_8388

Pradeep - CTO
Pradeep – CTO
CK - APAC Sales
Chandra Kant, APAC & ME Sales
CEO and CTO with MD Mr. Subramanyam
CEO and CTO with MD Mr. Subramanyam
Sudhakar - CEO
Sudhakar – CEO
Raghav Beeram, Test Advisory Services
Kalyan Rao Konda, Gallop
Rajesh Sarangapani, Innovation

7 thoughts on “Cigniti 3.0

  1. Wishing Cigniti team the very best in their pursuit of goals. IG Reddy has been a great mentor to me and has been my role model. All the best Sai :).


  2. Good Luck and All the best for 2015. One comment though, I assume you wanted to mention work hard and stay fit.


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