Sankranti 2015

Concluded Sankranti 2015 with a simple family reunion at Suresh (Bro Number 4) and Sharada’s house. Enjoyed good food, great company, lots of laughs streaming decade old pictures from my Mac, camaraderie between brothers and cousins. Lunch menu included Kalagoora (cooked mostly during Sankranti, and a delicacy which is not easy to be made), Tomato Pappu, Garelu, Kheer, Vadappa, Potlakaya Chutney, Sambar, Alu Bonda, Vadappa, Garelu, Kheer and more. We insisted that Sharada whip fewer items this year, so that we are less confused on what to choose on our plates and focus is only on indulging as much as possible 🙂

There were no kites in our agenda this year too, as life got busier than ever to engage in multiple events. Coincidentally I didn’t see many kites either, on the skies of Hydrabad as I drove in the city.  Last year, I had spent half a day at Necklace road and clicked several dozens of pictures as part of my Sankranti Street Photography. Few years earlier, I had spent time at Jupudi’s mansion which was once in a life time event, celebrating Pongal in Andhra.  Few pictures and video is archived in the blog.

Here is the 2-minute video that documents festivities in larger than life style:

Here are key moments captured on Canon 6D (my latest full frame toy), which makes us extra hip than we are.

Me and Suresh
Suresh and Shreya
Never fail to impress, Alu Bonda 🙂
Lunch Menu – Kalagoora, Tomato Pappu, Alu Bonda, Vadappa, Garelu, Sambar, Potlakaya Chutney, Kheer, and more
Revanth, Padma, and Rohit
Hard to spot: Sampath and Padma
Shreya, Rahul, Aniketh, and Akshaya
Chintala Gang – Not as many as earlier
Dad and Mom – The GLUE that holds all of us
New dude in the block. He has transformed in last one year 🙂

IMG_8275 IMG_8304 IMG_8176 IMG_8182 IMG_8187 IMG_8213


With Radhika, and my two dudes

3 thoughts on “Sankranti 2015

  1. Wonderful Picture Sai! Happy Pongal. I’m so glad you are able to do everything in spite of your hectic work schedule/travelling.


  2. Super colorful pictures and celebrations, and mouth-watering dishes! Thanks for putting out. :-). In case you are wondering who this stranger is, I am Nanda Kishore’s classmate from JNTU ATP. Stumbled here from FB link 🙂


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