Cigniti Team Outing

It took a really long time for Cigniti ESG (Pre-Sales) team to go on this team outing. We started the plan when we were team of 10, and finally executed the plan when we almost quadrupled our team size. Reason: My team has always been busy on Proposals or RFPs, or else some key team members are always on the road/air. Finally, timing was perfect for the team event, given the year-end holiday season and with most of the team on the ground, and in India. Unlike typical celebration of team outing at a local resort, this time we have decided to rent a farmhouse and celebrated the event in a true ‘family’ style. It was one of a kind an event with on-premise cooking, team bonding events, lots of cricket, good food, good music, and good fun.

The place was just 40 minutes away from our office, yet serene and isolated, and gave us a feeling that we are really far away from home and city buzz. There were plenty of smiles as soon as team entered the farmhouse. They were in awe of sprawling size, rustic look, and architecture and greenery that surrounded the house. The place is big enough for accommodating all of us, but small enough to have everyone within the vicinity of each other.   We hired a team comprising of chef and 3 helpers, who cooked food on-premise based on custom menu and served us Lunch, Snacks, Tea, and light dinner. Everyone raved about the food taste. There was LIVE ‘Nellore Dosa’ counter in the evening.   Venky from HR team conducted few events that facilitated team bonding (see Sunny proposing to Deepika). Later team played Cricket whose footage was shot with GoPro.   One of the team member commented, “Sai, This is like second appraisal for us” :-).   That statement summarizes what team experienced at the outing.   We pledged to repeat the event little more often…

Video glimpses of the event:

IMG_3683 IMG_3714 IMG_3721 IMG_3749 IMG_3750 IMG_3823 IMG_3846 IMG_3848 IMG_7363 IMG_7365 IMG_7388 IMG_7400 IMG_7402 IMG_7460 IMG_7499 IMG_7511 IMG_7521 IMG_7551 IMG_7579 IMG_7580 IMG_7623 IMG_7632 IMG_7644 IMG_7653 IMG_7683

Farm House Location is provided below, since so many were asking about it.  One can contact Mr Nagababu on 9989000027 for rental details


7 thoughts on “Cigniti Team Outing

  1. Enviously good to see you all transforming into kids from human robots .the kind of fun you guys are having by making the best use of holidays and concept is awesome,wish this spirit will generate more ambitious energy into your thoughts thus waiting eager to celebrate such outings more occasionally with pride. Wish all the best for team CIGNITI .


  2. Hello Sai- I have been following your blogs for a while and I really like them.
    Would you mind sharing the location/contact details of this farm house. I would like to plan an event like this with my team


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