PK – The Right Connection !!

PK (smartly titled, you will know why, when you see the movie) has been in my list of ‘must watch’ movies, since it was announced. It is no brainer that movie that includes Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod, and perfectionist Aamir Khan (AK), would be ‘different’ and would have a nice ‘take away’ message too. I did not realize that movie is being released this weekend until when I landed in HYD from Muscat on Thursday. So it was too late to get tickets for opening night in a good theatre complex, for the obvious reasons. I was able to get the tickets for 6PM show on Sunday.

I read somewhere that AK recommended audience not to leak the movie premise, to ensure ‘original’ experience for everyone. So I have avoided knowing details about the movies and resisted from reading any reviews. I have clicked reviews from few popular websites, but just read the first and last paragraph and was counting hours to watch the movie

Here are my comments about the movie. Stop reading now, if you haven’t watched the movie, unless you do not mind spoilers ahead of watching the movies.

PK is about a stranger (actually an alien) who is landed somewhere in Rajasthan, and loses his device / tracker which is required to return back to land of his origin. In the process of searching for his device, PK goes the journey of love, laughter, and learning and makes us laugh, cry, question our faith / belief systems, our definition of religion, or definition of god, our fears, and much more, via his innocent inquisitiveness and in the process offending a many in his path

PK has shades of “Oh My God” (which is another sensible flick from Hollywood) with regards to means chosen to question our faith / belief system. Though PK targets Hindu Religion (and not any other religion for obvious reasons), the movie does question (or say expose) ‘managers’ (self proclaimed god men or god women) of all the companies (religions out there).

I have learned about true definition of God only in last decade and always wondered, why I could not find any (or easily bump into) literature or mentor or guide all along. I also wonder, why this knowledge was missing (or not discussed) for centuries all together in a ‘easy to understand’ format. I see so many, who “only” depend on so called God Men / God Women (there seems to be one coming up every decade, and more so last few decades) who proclaim to help their followers communicate with ‘higher force’ out there, not realizing that the actually ‘instrument” / ‘device’ is within them.  They fail to note that power of the Guru or Mentor or God or Idol is directly proportion to amount of faith they have in them.  It is actually the “faith” which is doing Miracles for them, not the intermediary person or process (which I think is the real SECRET).  However, film failed to portray the good work done by so many of the prophets & gurus.  It gave one-sided view only

While I agree that there is a need for a “Guru” / “Mentor” to help us realize the definition of higher force, and help us with various ‘means’ to communicate with it, but I am amazed to see many identifying their entire faith with the “Guru” / “Mentor” who are constantly inventing new processes and rituals, which is causing some ‘followers’ to focus on the ‘rituals’ than on the learned wisdom.  These processes and rituals may be needed to certain extent, but focus should not be only on them. Once I have read about a nice comparison between Banana and Religion, which compares “underlying spirituality conveyed by a religion” with a core part of the Banana, and ‘rituals associated with the religion’ with Banana peal. Every religion has spirituality and some rituals associated with it. However, there is often focus on ‘banana peal’ (aka rituals) in this world, instead of real banana (underlying definition of spirituality)

I hope and wish that this movie made make few (if not many) open their eyes wide open on one’s definition of God, and means to communicate with God via ‘right connection’, and eventually tone down the focus on the rituals, and find a ‘no brainer’ means to be a better person, and in the process make this a world a better place.

PK-Aamir-Khan-2nd-Movie-Poster-Wallpaper pk-overseas-1st-day-expectations

2 thoughts on “PK – The Right Connection !!

  1. PK apart from entertainment, it gives a message not to run behind wrong numbers that is really awesome.


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