Intriguing Interstellar

Yesterday, I have watched much talked and awaited movie. Tickets for IMAX were sold out within hours of online ticketing window opened, so I had comprise to watch it on the nearest big screen in town. I have heard about this movie 6 months ago, but started tracking again just one week ago, and was eagerly looking for it, specially given that it is from Nolan, and IMDB had already tracked it as movie with 9.5/10 (currently 9.1) rating.

Movie length is about 3 hours, and still hardly any part of the movie was boring. Overall, it is one heck of a movie. It is fun, mind boggling, intriguing, confusing, and more. Last time, it was this intriguing and confusing, was when I watched MATRIX and INCEPTION for the first time. However, I did wish that, I brushed upon on my basics on theory of relativity, gravity, wormholes, black holes, 5th dimension, space travel, and more, before watching the movie. It would have been more fun, and less intriguing, if i had done that

If Nolan didn’t direct it, people would have commented little differently about the movie, as the story line & script is part documentary like, part sci fi, part emotional, part like science discussion / debate among science nerds & enthusiasts, and with too many cinematic liberties. Given the Nolan’s pedigree and background and past successes, many seems to have been obligated to rave about the movie, not that movie did not deserve it.

I felt movie definitely needs multiple viewing on blu ray later (which I am going to buy it for sure), to relish it more. There was bit of argument between all 3 of us (me, and my kids Revanth, and Aniketh), on each of our understanding of what’s depicted in the movie.  I am looking forward to discuss the movie with some of friends and colleagues, to compare and dissect on what each of them understood.

A friend of mine texted me, ‘I used to bunk classes to watch movie, now I need to attend classes on physics to watch a movie’. What a wise man 🙂

I watched below clip on YouTube, which documents amount of awe-inspiring science and research that was put in, to depict the awesome visuals.  I was told that this movie is scientifically 80% accurate

Below link provides refresher on physics that you need to know before watching Interstellar, if you still haven’t watched it.


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