Meeting Sri Sri

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a new age spiritual leader with millions of followers in more than 150 countries around the world. I had a chance to meet him briefly today, when he stopped by to inaugurate upcoming office complex “THE PLATINA” (which is spearheaded by AOL enthusiasts, I am told) in HiTech city area in Hyderabad. Radhika who is AOL teacher and ardently disseminates his wisdom to students around Hyderabad heard about his Sri Sri brief stop at this place, and took me and the kids for the event.

As usual, I took my gadgets to document my experience for my weekend update, and captured few words of wisdom from the master, on being obsessive about growth in business, as long as one is not forgoing ethics and dharma for achieving the same . Sri Sri covered this business wisdom in just about 180 seconds (as you can hear in the video below), which is covered in several books & case studies in MBA programs these days.  This brief visit so satisfying, we decided to skip evening get together in large stadium where 1000s are expected to gather, and chose to watch it on the web


My family.. all appear to be in synch with regards to the color scheme 🙂

IMG_5313 IMG_5316

IMG_5322 IMG_5326
Business Wisdom in just about 180 seconds, which is covered in several books & case studies in MBA program
Two sisters in million watt smile, after meeting Sr Sri

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