Sydney Skyline in 60 Seconds

I am so glad to be heading home after 3 weeks of hectic business travel around Australia and New Zealand region, just in time for Diwali. I had an opportunity to meet several prospects, business partners, potential Cignitians, and more. It was a great experience to be a speaker in a new territory addressing QA enthusiasts from ANZ region. I am feeling world is extra small than it is, despite travel to far end of the world. I actually had an opportunity to dine with a classmate from 2nd grade to 10th grade (believe me, it’s really really long time ago) thanks to recent connect via FB. It is good to be able to find someone that I know or someone who knows me, pretty much anywhere in the world; hence I guess my world appears so small now. I had an opportunity to stay at a penthouse (due to reservation goof up)yesterday night with awesome views of Sydney skyline. Inspired by the view, I took my 6D lens, walked to vantage point around Milson Point and captured Sydney skyline, Harbour Bridge, and Opera house in a single frame. 

Here is the 60 second video of Sydney Skyline

IMG_1609 IMG_1619 IMG_1629 IMG_1640 IMG_1655 IMG_1663 IMG_1668 IMG_1679 IMG_1686 IMG_1690 IMG_1702 IMG_1738 sai


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