Cignival 2014 – Talent beyond Testing

I have created below clip using wide angle GoPro cam, to provide front-row view of awesome performance of Cigniti team during our annual carnival ‘Cignival’ and also few clips that tells what happened behind what you see on the stage. It indeed was quite an amazing and endearing experience to see the talent behind the faces belonging to both delivery and support services teams of Cigniti, that I see around the office. This footage also includes several dozens of snaps that says few million words on what Cigniti has experiences during the night of Cignival 20124

Flash Mob @ Cigniti capture on Mobile

_MR_0085 _MR_0123 _MR_0177 _MR_0213 _MR_0223 _MR_0304 _MR_0312 _MR_0330 _MR_0827 _MR_0832 _MR_0843 _MR_0862 _MR_0873 IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2358 IMG_2400 IMG_2648

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