Inner Harmony, Outer Dynamism – Cigniti Women

Inner Harmony & Outer Dynamism – Women @ Cigniti

Just 48 hours ago, as I was driving past Cyber Towers to Cigniti, I had thought of doing a video documenting experience of women working @ Cigniti, on the eve of Women’s day .  I walked to Shashikala’s office to take her consent.  Before even I said a word, Shashi said, “Can we have Radhika do a session Yoga, and Meditation for our women”.  I know Radhika would say YES, or she must have said already nodded “YES”, given her soul level connection to this stuff.

They immediately discussed and agreed for two sessions on “Inner Harmony & Outer Dynamism” which discusses various techniques which helps attain much needed inner harmony, and while achieving much desired success in what we do.  Now you know the secret of my happiness too. Then I sent a note to Nazni and Ankita (Cigniti Poster Girls) about my plan to do a video highlighting a day in the life of women @ Cigniti.  Nazni & Ankita escorted me and Srikanth Chakkilam, around over 70,000 sft of lively workplace, interacted with women @ Cigniti and helped me document what excites them about working with Cigniti, and what it means to be celebrating Women’s day.

Below 17 minute video (yes, we recommend hot samosa & masala chai before you sit-down to stream it, or donut & coffee if you are on other side of the Atlantic) gives a glimpse of holistic work environment experienced by Women @ Cigniti, day in & day out. In this video, they talk about empowerment, being felt as important, vibrant work space, seamless play & work areas, proximity to awesome mall next door for movies & shopping, Friday evening movies in the house, flexible timings, open door policy, safety, and more. They also highlight that women run critical functions such as HR, Training, Employee Engagement, Corporate Services, etc . Do you feel that entire content has been revealed? Nope, It is still a teaser. Do watch it to see, what else they have to say. I loved what Hoi had to say about celebrating Women’s day.

Here in this video, Nazni interviews Cigniti women who have attended Inner Harmony & Outer Dynamism session conducted by Radhika.  Participants talk about their key takeaways, and how they look forward to implementing few changes in their lifestyle.  Radhika discussed various techniques that helps one deal with stress in everyday situations, and how they can be used during our work hours to maintaining high energy and still being in harmony.  She discussed inter relationship between breath, mind, & body and how they affect us.

Happy Women’s Day all!!

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