Annual Strategy Meeting on Super Bowl Sunday

When was the last time, your company kicked off it’s annual strategy meeting on a Super Bowl Sunday, unveiled ‘Big Hairy and Audacious Goals “(BHAG) and your team welcomed them happily (ok, ok, somewhat reasonably happily)? Probably never and probably they might never will too, as we are talking Super Bowl Sunday here, not the usual Sunday. Cigniti did it and we are all pumped up about year 2014, which we are considering as the The Defining Year.  So it’s time to BHAG Cigniti, BHAG. Attached video gives few glimpses of our meetings, swanky office in the Penthouse of Waterway Plaza in Las Colinas (Texas), and our rendezvous with North America sales and Solution team
Our sales and management team is spread across multiple geographies.  We all met at our global delivery center in Hyderabad for previous meeting.  However this year, to ensure continued sales momentum, we have decided to meet in our global headquarters in Las Colinas, Tx.  Core team converged in our new swanky penthouse, and kicked off the meetings on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, we were assured that our friends and family can be part of the SuperBowl game event which was hosted at the same place starting 5PM that evening 🙂
Each business unit presented their 2013 achievements and  their strategy to achieve big goals pledged for 2014.   Later on Monday, entire North America sales and solution team met and collaborated on how we will jointly co-own and deliver what is pledged for 2014.  Few candid moments can be viewed here.
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