Nenokkadine – Sensible, Different, Entertaining, Mind Twisting, and Little Lengthy

Nenokkadine – Sensible, Different, Entertaining, Mind Twisting, and Little Lengthy

Sensibility is finally here in Telugu movies.  But unfortunately there are so few takers for it.  I see harsh tirade against the movie on FB, Movie review websites and print media.  I personally found the movie to be perfectly entertaining, and it kept me entertained and guessing the next move throughout the movie.  When was the last time you have actually used your brain in a Telugu movie?

Yes, this movie does not have slapstick comedy track, and formulaic flow which regional audience is used to.  Apparently and unfortunately regional audience does not seem to be ready for dramatically different presentation, though they keep complaining about formulaic nature of our movies.  Is this movie a decade too early for regional audience, because of the chosen theme?   I definitely think so.

I liked pace of the movie (though would have loved some trimming), background score, locales, cinematography, lead start cast, numerous twists, and the ending. Both Sukumar and Mahesh need to be commended for embarking on such a daring experiment, though it may prove costly for them, given the high budget.  This should have been moderate budget movie, given the experimental nature and typical ‘paisa vasool’ movie expected for pongal holiday season.  I am thinking, this movie would have racked few hundred crores, if it were made in Bollywood (by Amir Khan or equally caliber team)

Entertainment quotient would have been at its high, if the movie length were trimmed by 20 to 30 minutes.  I am glad that they have already trimmed songs, a little.   I consider this movies one of the few no nonsense (ok, may be very limited nonsense, because some comprise has been made for commercial reasons) Telugu movies that I have seen in a while.

We (Chintala Gang) could be the only “ONE” family or may be one of the few familes, which liked the movie.  I hope this movie would become a cult hit, once the sensibilities prevail, if not now, but later in future timeline J.

I was joking with Radhika, if Sukumar hadn’t revealed what Mahesh was looking by the end of the movie, our audience would have wrecked the movie theatre before walking out.  If this were made in Hollywood, they would have revealed what Mahesh was looking for, in a sequel.  Remember LORD OF RING has 6 episodes, documenting the process of returning the ring, and then again tracing back the origin of the ring.  Yet, made few billion dollars.   With few changes in the script, Sukumar could have created a Bourne Identity Type of series, first of a kind, in Indian movie industry

My Verdict:  Go for the movie, if you are used to global cinema, and want to enjoy a sensible movie in your regional language. I am glad, I paid premium for this movie, despite premature controversial review,  and made it to the movie with entire family.

Mahesh Babu in 1 Nenokkadine New Wallpapers
Mahesh Babu in 1 Nenokkadine New Wallpapers

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