Zip Lining in Banning Mills, Georgia

Had an awesome experience at Banning Mills (outside Atlanta, Georgia), zip lining on the record winning ‘screaming eagle’ zip line.  Now that this event is already passed, I am not sure I will have time to write about it. Hence I thought I will archive the below awesome 4-min video for now, which should tell way more than what I wanted to write about our 4-hour experience @ Banning Mills.  Sound track is courtesy of SS Rajmouli’s upcoming epic movie “Bahubali”

Contrary to the feeling most folks got after watching the video, this sport wasn’t scary at all.  If you are afraid of heights, you may not like walking on tiny bridges to reach the tower from which you are asked to zip line.  They do you to the biggest zip line (“Screaming Eagle”) in an incremental fashion.  We did total of 17 zip line, which required us to complete all the four levels. There were few kids and older women up to L2.  Only 3 of us and another local American opted to go up to the final level, which is Level 4.  Now that, I have done all the levels, I can do the future zip lines with my closed:-)

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