Thanksgiving Lunch @ Cigniti

My colleague Pulakesh stops by my cabin dozen times in a day, and says, “Can I disturb you for a minute”. However, before I get to decide to say YES or NO, he always goes ahead and make his request in his trademark style.  However this time a day before Thanksgiving day, he stopped by and said, “ How about a Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch?”.  I have immediately said YES, though I was planning to take off that day.  Given I live so close to the office, I thought I could join the lunch and contribute to the party.  Similarly Prasanna and Srikanth from my team volunteered to participate in the lunch.

Word passed around quickly among the like-minded gang, and then to the test managers of Cigniti. Hoi was nominated was the POC for coordinating the menu.  Rest what happened can be seen via below 3-minute video, accompanied by Mozart symphony. It’s no brainer that we enjoyed few dozen delicacies prepared by our teams and/or their loved ones.   Event was extra fun with Sanjay and Ravi from our US office, who had just touch down in Hyderabad

Thanks to all the souls who make our LIFE so fun.

Video is shot via Samsung S4

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