Discovering Columbus (not the one in Ohio)

Like most of you all I have read about Columbus at the age, when I hardly paid attention to what I was reading.  Only knowledge I could remember at one time, was about his unintentional discovery of what’s now called as North America, though he actually started for India.  Then again, when I came to US in late 80s, I have started hearing terms American Indians, Red Indians.  That’s when I went back connected dots and found the reasoning for Native Americans being called American Indians / Red Indians.  

Topic of Christopher Columbus came into my radar once again during my consulting gig in Toronto this summer, while discussing Indian spices, and what motivated Columbus and associated Europeans to find a new spice route to India.   I asked my customer POC, where exactly Columbus had touch down, when he bumped into new found land.  My colleague caught off-guard and said he has no clue.  After quick reference to Wiki (where else, right?), I have learned that Columbus and his ships (Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta) had touched actually touched the land what’s now called as Bahamas.  Later I got more intrigued, read little more about him, and watched Hollywood Movie 1492, started Gerard Depardieu

Columbus came into my Radar, when I have recently learned that I need to do some consulting gig with a large Enterprise in Columbus, Georgia (which is named after Christopher Columbus itself).  Not many folks realize that There is a  Columbus in Georgia too.  Default question, when I say that I am in Columbus, “Is it Ohio Columbus ?”.      Columbus appeared to be not so exciting place, until I saw magazine titled ’51 reasons to meet up in Columbus”.  As I was talking to folks around at my client location and folks who I bumped into @ my hotel lobby, I did few exciting things to.

One of them which is River Rafting both on high water and low water, on River Chattahoochee (which happens to within few minutes distance of where I stay).  White Water Express claims it to be world’s largest urban river rafting course (Key word is urban).   We have also explored thrilling Screaming Eagle Zip Line at Historic Banning Mills too

Below photo blog explore sights and sounds from the City of Columbus as I explored things to do, and importantly vegetarian food that I have relished during my stint here.  Sparkling pictures that you see are shot via new Lumia 1020.  Loved spicy spud sub @ PHILLY.osophy,  one of the spiciest / tastiest pizza in a pub,  nicely seasoned rice @ vietenemse place, simple satisfries @ burger king (:-)),  snaps from River rafting,  video from  Zip Lining, walking on the broadway street and lot more.  We surprisingly found Taj Mahal in Columbus where I consider Top 5 tastiest & authentic dosa is being served. Do not ask me where are the other 4 places.  I have listed 12 places that I have enjoyed dining in Columbus.  12th one happens to be our little kitchen in Marriott and most dishes cooked by our Srikanth Chakkilam, who was like Master Chef Jr.  I found him to be cooking with lots of discipline and passion, and is the secret of the tasty food that he whips with lots of ease.

Food that I have enjoyed.  Not all places are most kept secret in the world.  For example, Taco Bell is listed here 🙂


Windows Phone_20131008_12_21_11_Pro

Windows Phone_20131008_12_48_33_Pro

I had a smile on my face reading quotes from famous personalities smartly framed “out of context” as ode to food, though context of the original quote was nothing to do with that Be sure to check it out

IMG_0452 IMG_0450

2)  Vietnamese Fried Rice

vietnmese friend rice

3) Carrabbas

Sai Lumia 1020_20131012_21_19_19_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131012_21_06_10_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131012_20_59_27_Pro

4)  Pizza, Chips, and Dip @ Cannon Brew Pub

Sai Lumia 1020_20131011_12_24_44_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131011_12_03_27_Pro

Sai Lumia 1020_20131011_11_52_01_Pro

5) Mexican Food @ Cantina

Sai Lumia 1020_20131010_12_16_45_Pro

Windows Phone_20131101_12_42_23_Pro Windows Phone_20131101_12_42_09_Pro Windows Phone_20131101_12_43_18_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131010_001

Mexican Cantina

7) SatisFries @ Burger King

Sai Lumia 1020_20131009_12_12_09_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131009_12_11_31_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131009_12_14_32_Pro

Simple $3 veggie burger appears larger than life, because of Lumia 1020

Sai Lumia 1020_20131009_12_16_16_Pro__highres
8) Taco Bell.  Always safe choice for Desi’s.  Tried DORITO Tacos for the first time.  Fiery, and Cool Racho.  Also liked Soft taco with Crispy Potatoes too

Sai Lumia 1020_20131025_13_07_50_ProSai Lumia 1020_20131025_13_12_01_ProSai Lumia 1020_20131025_13_16_33_Pro

9) Surprisingly, I had one of most authentic Masala dosa, I have had in North America.  I can rate this as one of the top 5 dosas for me.  Do not ask me, what are the other top 4 which I do  not remember :-).  Biryani was pretty good too.  Place is Taj Mahal in Columbus, Georgia

Windows Phone_20131029_19_24_11_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20131029_19_18_50_Pro Windows Phone_20131029_19_16_27_Pro

10) Chilli Thai on Broadway Street

Item:  Black Pepper Curry & Steamed Rice


11) Breakfast @ Waffle House

Windows Phone_20131031_10_08_13_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20131031_001

12) Japanese Restaurant on Broadway Street.

Sai Lumia_20131104_001

Sai Lumia_20131104_13_00_31_Pro Sai Lumia_20131104_12_58_36_Pro Sai Lumia_20131104_009 Sai Lumia_20131104_004 Sai Lumia_20131104_005

Sai Lumia_20131104_13_00_39_Pro__highres

13) @ Olive Garden.  Decide not to try Olive Garden again. Food quality is so average now.


Sai Lumia_20131105_19_41_12_Pro Sai Lumia_20131105_19_40_45_Pro

Sai Lumia_20131105_19_49_26_Pro__highres


14 ) Great Food cooked in tiny hotel kitchen, by Srikanth Chakkilam

Vegetable Biryani and Rice Tomato Bath

Sai Lumia 1020_20131014_005

Tomato Flavored Rice

Sai Lumia 1020_20131012_15_10_26_Pro

Capsicum Biryani

Windows Phone_20131031_20_11_39_Pro

Few sights captured as I walk around the broadway street in Columbus

Sai Lumia 1020_20131010_12_58_22_Pro IMG_0424 Sai Lumia 1020_20131015_011 Sai Lumia 1020_20131016_12_05_44_Pro__highres Sai Lumia 1020_20131016_12_36_47_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131015_008 Sai Lumia 1020_20131015_007 Windows Phone_20131008_13_14_05_Pro Windows Phone_20131008_13_07_39_Pro

River Rafting on River Chattahoochee

DSC_0126 DSC_0127 DSC_0138 DSC_0001 DSC_0005

Video from Zip Line

Meeting Super Cute Sivani, daughter of my buddy for 30 years now.

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