Trip to Paradise, Michigan

Just concluded short and sweet weekend in Farmington Hills, Michigan with my niece Divya, who took Sampath (my BIL) and me on a gastronomical tour to culinary paradise cooking Chintala Khandaan delicacies (double decker Dosa, fusion biryanis, and authentic curies that you can only dream of having them at few loved ones specially when you are away from home).

She actually drove us  (in her Mercedes CLS 550) more than 10 hours in the span of 18-hour window to Paradise, Michigan, which hosts Tahquamenon Water Falls (which presents unique display of water colors owing to both vegetable and organic tannin in it’s water content, as I am told from Wiki), along with a quick rendezvous at Mackinaw Island too.

Timing was great; we were able to enjoy fall colors enroute to the Paradise and the falls.  They said, “happiness is in the journey”; in our case we were equally excited with our journey and the destination.   Watch some of the beautiful footage captured via my Lumia 1020 (yes, you heard it right).

Yeah Yeah, Lumia is not really a Phone; it’s really a super slick camera.  I don’t mind it, as I seem to be using my phone as a Camera most of the time.  Yes, my great migration from Nokia brick phone of 1990 to latest Nokia slick phone (and the great search in between for ideal smart phone via Blackberry, N95, iPhone 4, and Galaxy S4) will be told soon along with story of family’s 10-year wait for our first land line phone in early 1980’s.

These snaps from Paradise, Michigan

IMG_5035 IMG_5084 IMG_5161 IMG_5175 Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_09_53_46_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_12_54_18_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_13_13_11_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_13_44_57_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_13_46_49_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_14_27_03_Pro__highres Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_14_28_16_Pro__highres Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_14_43_23_Pro Sai Lumia 1020_20131019_14_43_26_Pro


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