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As soon as I received a WhatsApp message on Friday, from Shiri (my sister-in-law) that she is hosting her talk show event on Radio Kushi on Saturday, I sent her an SMS in the late evening that I am going to do a “Behind The Scenes” type of video starting from her home (documenting show she effortlessly juggles between responsibilities at home, work, & other), and give an insight to Shiri’s friends and families, on her Radio Show.

Many of our friends and family (specially those who are in India) do not get to hear her Radio Show, as it is too late in the evening for them. I have contemplated few times, doing an audio recording for them.  She is the first Radio Jockey in our family, or that we know of in person (outside the family too), Hence lots of pride and interest factor in the family.

Shiri sent me a message back to me next morning, “I am not feeling so great about today’s show. Please do not record”.  I insisted that I would come.  She resisted and discouraged saying that; she is just doing aam admi (routine) type show and said “There is nothing great that I do.  Please come next time”.  I again persisted saying that me being in Dallas and available on a weekend, and she doing talk show on the same day, may not happen again in this decade. Finally she reluctantly agreed.

We planned to meet one hour before show’s kick off time, which is around Noon. But Shiri wanted to start 2 hrs early, as there is quite a bit of prep work needed at the Radio Kushi office. However, I had a conflict with DOSA appointment at Ravi’s house. He had called me for breakfast at his home, to treat me with Bheemavarm style Karam Dosa.  People who know me well know that, I rarely say NO to DOSA breakfast.  So, I planned to meet her directly at the station

I went to the station at 12:20PM, and show already kicked off at 12 Noon.  I could hear her chatter from the slit between office glass windows. Since she is single person in the locked office, I had to send an SMS that I am waiting outside the office.  She came to me invite me into her office during the song break.   She then immediately went back to the audience, chatting non-stop.

I was quite impressed to see her in RJ setup with headsets on, and beautifully chatting away with her audience, providing them tidbits on movies and movie stars. I started clicking snaps in various modes and accidentally might have stepped on the power cable or some other snafu caused her RJ system to go DEAD.  Luckily Shiri did not have access to fire arms or some heavy metallic object, to hit me with and then pleading temporary insanity 🙂

For a minute, she did get into panic mode, but calmed herself to get the station back online within 2 minutes.  It was quite amazing for me to see her once again going back to the audience, morphing herself into bubbly teen diva, and chatting non stop and playing melodious songs while sharing interesting trivia.  I have recorded tidbits of her trivia, to give a glimpse into how gracefully she handles the show.  It is be noted that she has just started her journey into RJ field, though it looks if she is almost a PRO

Shiri is one of the amazing women I know of (may be I should say, amazing girls, to avoid offending her, and also because of the fact that she appears like a bubbly teen), who do not want to be yet another remarkably “average” person.  She always wanted to do something “hatke” with her life and something that gets here greater visibility, and something that connects her to the whole wide world out there.  Remember, despite being acrophobic, she did skydiving last year, which can be seen below

She always dreamed of getting into media space, dreamed of becoming VJ or RJ.  She quickly grabbed the opportunity of hosting her own talk show on Radio Kushi in Dallas as part of 13 year old Ganasudha Radio Program, purely on a non-profit / volunteer basis.  Her show is aired once in a month.   Watch her FB wall or Follow her on FB to get an alert whenever the show is to be aired.

I had asked Shiri to tell me what inspired her to become RJ.  Here is what she told me:

“Since childhood I was always totally into music, movies, celebrities either Telugu or Hindi or English (even though we had very slim access, but whatever was shown on the national TV, used to get into my brain and my heart). Apart from Telugu and Hindi shows, I even remember watching Lucy Show, Oscars shows late in the night.  As I grew, number of channels also grew which gave me the visibility and insights into movie stars and cinema world. I was always fascinated by the Glamour world! One thing that came into my mind persistently was how do I get into this?

If not movies, I always desired to become an Anchor or VJ because I love talking; but there wasn’t a RJ concept back then. I used to nag my mom about getting into VJ’ing.  Back in my college days, they started this ‘Yours Lovingly’ shows where host / anchor dedicates songs to the folks celebrating Birthday; I wished but did not have a chance to host that type of show either.

So I always had this unfulfilled wish on back of my mind, but got very busy into studies, marriage, kids and usual responsibilities followed. But when I found this avenue (of becoming RJ for Radio Kushi) I immediately grabbed it with both hands. And my dear hubby Raj helped me pursue it, without his support I couldn’t have made it!  Currently I do this in the role of volunteer, and I immensely love what I am doing.  This is something I really look forward every month. I am passionate about music, movies and connecting to people, so it’s very fulfilling to me.

I hope to become everyone’s favorite RJ or Anchor and bring that much needed sweet smile on everybody’s face, when they listen to my show ‘Shiri Tho Sandadi’ “

Here is the clipping from Shiri’s special show titled “Naughty-Vaughty, Allari-Gillari, Chilipi-Vilipi – Fun Songs”.  Click the below link


Part 2 with RJ Shiri during Valentine’s weekend

RJ Shiri is back on air. Shiri told me few days before this Valentine’s day, that she is hosting valentine’s special with theme “Love Love Love, Crazy Love”. I immediately mentioned that I might do an extended coverage of her show, if I am around town. I wasn’t in town that weekend, and she could not host her show either.

She hosted the show yesterday, and I happened to be in Dallas. Until evening before the event, she said she wasn’t prepared for the show, and had no idea of what she is going to play or talk. Raj Vooturi and I volunteered to prepare / identify the play list on her iTunes. She said she would whip some awesome curries, while we help her with identification of the songs. However, our mind went frozen, and was of limited help to her, and got lost in the collection of songs available or that are not rightly indexed on YouTube.

We were able to suggest 3 to 4 songs that qualify for her theme. I always end up suggesting songs from Orange, of which I am yet to get tired of listening to. While cooking 3 curries (pretty complicated ones) on Friday evening, she came up with ideas for 20 songs. She is like WikiPedia of Telugu movies, actors and actresses, story lines, and some trivia that you may not realize that exists.

Finally, she would just gave us the movie story line, some times title, some times actor/actress name, our job was to find the movie on YouTube, strip off MP3 from it, put it on the play list. For “Crazy Love” theme, she would say, “there is this movie, where lead actress is really crazy about movies”, ‘there is this movie where the lead actress really crazy about Chicken”, and then end up giving us the name of the movie and the song too

Here is the 10-minute footage from the 2-hour show (along with few seamlessly integrated bloopers), that gives a glimpse of what you may have missed. Pretty much entire chatter that you hear from Shiri Vooturi is impromptu, and entire footage is recorded LIVE.

Yes, we have indulged in awesome curries she whipped for us, and also she ended up creating 95% of the playlist on her own, after our drama of helping her out. Hence my tribute to her via this video 


One thought on “Non Stop RJ Shiri

  1. GREAT achievement Shiri and we are proud of you..the first RJ in our family !! Entertainment is a way to get a break from the stressful life and thanks so much for contributing your share! Its always very satisfying to pursue our dreams and your story is inspiring!!

    Excellent compilation bava!



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