Lazy Boyz Dance @ Cigniti Annual Fest

Lazy Boyz Dance was conceived by my team 24 hours ago before Cignival. There was no choreographer, no make up, no external sourcing of wardrobe, just few hours of practice (hence called lazy boyz dance, I guess).  Less than 8 hours before the LIVE event,  Nagaraj (who leads Inside Sales for us) told me that I and Sanjay must participate in this unique program. I immediately thought there is no way that I can dance (without embarrassing myself) in such a short notice. Nag immediately assured that it requires simple steps and I can make it within no time
I and Sanjay practiced for less than 30 minutes and figured that we are good to go LIVE, as our portion was about 40 seconds of the 4 minute event. Concept was quite unique and we loved it.  We kept information on our participation quite secretive as we wanted it to be surprise to the audience, including to rest of the management team.  It did work.   We made our entry on to the stage during the second song of the 6-song themed lazy dance, to wild surprise to the audience
Despite  whole thing being conceived 24 hrs ago and that team started practicing just about 8 hrs before the LIVE show, and just for about an hour or two, the team was still able to charmed the entire audience via a short 4 minute gig. This video was shot by my team member with a regular camera (hence not so great quality). See if you can spot surprise entry on to the stage by me and Sanjay Jupudi.  If you can’t, just listen to the loud cheer.
URL for the video:
Few Snaps:
IMG_7671 copy IMG_0485 copy IMG_0480 copy IMG_0476 copy IMG_7669 copy IMG_7660 copy IMG_7659 copy IMG_7661 copy

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