It’s a wonderful life !!

It was an overwhelming feeling to get so many birthday wishes from so many folks around the world.  I think number of friends and acquaintances that I have made at AppLabs exceeds sum of all the friends that I have made in the entire life, and the same phenomenon is now repeating with Cigniti too, as we are poised to grow at a rapid pace.  Yesterday’s events reminded me of this clip and quote from popular Hollywood movie “It’s a wonderful life” which can be viewed here.

I may have watched this movie several dozens of times thanks to my decade stint in US.  This movie is played pretty much mandatorily on all the major public TV channels in US during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is almost like a tradition to watch this movie on a christmas night and/or eve of Thanksgiving dinner.  I was told since the movie producer did not copyright the movies in time, TVs had free license to air this movie for FREE without the royalty.   Those who are not used to watch movies during Christmas holidays in US, can now watch this movie on YouTube channels too

Though this movie is released in 1954, it is a timeless classic, and can be appreciated and enjoyed  by the folks of most age groups, and from various nations out there.   It is a simple story of a compassionate businessman who almost loses everything for sticking to his strong ethics, belief, and value systems and decides to give up his life in frustration. An angel interrupts his wild decision, and shows him would have been like, if he had never existed.

This movie shows the possibilities of impact that we make to the system and people around us, and how each of us are equally important in making a better world and ecosystem around us.  So, do stick around do what you are good at and what you believe in 🙂

There is so much that I can write about this movie, but then again what is the purpose of having access to Wikipedia.  Here is what Wikipedia says about the movie.’s_a_Wonderful_Life

The name George Bailey and several quotes from the movie permanently tattooed in my head thanks to this movie.  I am going to watch this movie again as a family sometime this weekend.

Again, thanks for all the love.  We have concluded yesterday evening with a quiet dinner at Republic of Noodles in Lemon Tree hotel. I considered this place as one of the top 2 Thai Restaurants in town.  Other one is “Thai Pavillion” @ Taj Vivanta.  Myself, Revanth, and Radhika love Thai food and use every excuse to dine at Thai place.  Aniketh was happy with Republic of Noodles (though he does not like Thai yet), as he found a good choice by ordering Garlic Chili noodles, which appeared almost like Chinese entree for him


Finally another family pic with all 4 of us smiling, taken by Revanth inside Lemon Tree elevator in front of the large mirror.  Revanth seems to have a fine knack for taking great pics, though he does not exercise it often 🙂

sep 2 2013 birthday

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