Unity in Diversity @ Cigniti

Cignival is our annual carnival where all Cignitians come together to celebrate the joy of working together.  This year we planned several tailgate events ahead of Cignival 2013, which is scheduled for Sep 3rd, 2013.  Tail gate events includes several activities that brings best out of everyone here at Cigniti and gets the visibility to loads of hidden talent out there in the team.

As usual there was so much hidden talent in the team that came to light during the Cignival.  The folks one used to inadvertently think as a aam admi sitting silently in the cubicle next to them, happens to be a great dancer, calligraphist, awesome singer, incredible artist, outstanding orator, self learned & wildly talented photographer, and more..

As usual last event as part of the tailgate series was “Floor Sajao” (Deck the hall) with the theme “Unity in Diversity”.  Just within half a day, Cigniti team transformed over thirty thousand square foot facility into various states of India, depicting culture, traditions, temples, festivals, food, and fun bringing life to the theme “Unity in Diversity”

Team says, it is still just a teaser.  Big one will be unveiled on Tuesday.   Here is condensed version (just under 14 minutes) of our Floor Sajao event.

PS: I usually mention to my prospects (may be when I get too carried away in my intro) that Cigniti is the final frontier in testing, equate with mecca for testers, and term our floor as temple of testing, with entire ecosystem with oozing with positive energy and vibrations.  Now you can both see and feel the same in this condensed video

IMG_2543 IMG_2544 IMG_2546




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