Art of Living Course & Renewing Wedding Vows

I have recently attended special edition of Art Of Living program conceived specially for couples.  This is one of a kind of program, and was conducted in India for the first time.  International Faculty Team (Santhosh Rao and Bhamini Chauhan) has conducted the program in Hyderabad. They have organized these classes in other countries prior to this. Radhika Chintala organized the program for couples in Hyderabad.   Radhika and I were one of the selective couples that participated in this maiden program.  It was conducted over the period of 4 days (3 hrs first three days, and about 5 hours on the final day).

I was told not to divulge too many details of the program, to avoid taking away surprise factor for future participants.  However, I am providing few teasers and a 9 minute video, which might compel you to consider attending next program.

Half of the challenges associated with marriage go away, when we begin treating our spouse as “Friend for Life Time” instead of just as a “spouse”.  We often fail to realize some of the simplest things our spouse expect from us, which tells them that we care and respect them.  We also fail to understand what qualities they admire in us.   Most common mishap in most relationships out there is  lack of having common goals and aspirations that can bind them together.   This course gave enough tips to introspect and address challenges

This course is like renewal of “wedding vows”.  Radhika and I have completed 22 years of marriage just a month ago (yes, we are that old), so this program was like icing on the cake and helped  both of us get on the same page.  Most flattering item that I have received from this course is, hand written romantic letter from Radhika.  I think I have spilled enough beans now, so I will shut up and let you enjoy the video.

Since the footage I have taken was limited, you will only see few glimpses of the event.  Special thanks to once again for the teachers and the Guruji for conceiving this wonderful program

Here are few snaps from our 22nd wedding anniversary dinner


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