Certainty @ Cigniti

There are so many things that we take for granted in life. We do not go to sleep worrying where SUN is going to rise on the east tomorrow morning, if law of gravitation continues to work the same way it did yesterday, or that you will see ‘blue screen of death’ when you launch your favorite app on your mac, and more ☺

There are so many modern day applications and products from the brands we love, and trust that they work as they are advertised. If you ever wondered about the root cause for that consistency and trust, I do have the answer for you. Being in the space of independent testing services for over a decade, it was a very much a personal experience to find out. It is the process by which the product is conceived, built, validated, and deployed.

Yes there are heroic efforts by so many in the process of a product being rolled out. But one thing stands out, and ensures the scalability & certainty, is the process the behind. At Cigniti, yes occasionally there is bit of heroic efforts in ensuring our end client’s success. But “process” which they follow is one, which stands out 99% of the time. The teams use consistent processes, which includes checklists, guidelines standards, and best practices, to ensure certainty of the outcome

Though it was so good to see that Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering institute assessing Cigniti managed testing services at CMMi L3, it was not an earth shattering moment for us. However, it is something we wanted to get it done, to give greater confidence to growing number of customers we are adding each coming quarter, and ensure adherence to compliance for large Enterprises that are showing greater interest in working with us

Ramana supported by Prasad Gundu, championed the efforts for getting the assessment done. Sanjay Jupudi sponsored CMMi appraisal with overall vision and guidance provided by Raj Neravati. Delivery team under the guidance of Kalyan Konda gave the access to over 2500 artifacts to be examined by the assessment team.

Typically CMMi finding announcement is done in a closed room, with access to the core team, sponsor, and senior management team. However, Cigniti choose to have the announcement made in front of the entire employees at offshore. There was no anxiety and nervousness seen anywhere on the floor, as we all know that process is in our DNA, and we could easily get the final outcome. Like I said, we do not wonder if Sun is going to rise on the east every day.

As expected, we were appraised assessed at CMMi SVC V 1.3 maturity level 3 . Our journey for excellence does not stop here. Now Cigniti aims to be Level 5 and the journey continues. We have already started working on it it and hoping to attain by end of 2014 while ensuring that we are continuously improving in everything that we do. As you can hear from the teams in the video, we love to challenge the “status quo” and continue to raise the bar in everything we do

What is media saying about this event ?





 Few of folks behind this milestone are listed below..



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3 thoughts on “Certainty @ Cigniti

  1. Hi Sai,

    This is Padma Gumedelli and the article is wonderful and congratulations on your/cignity success in attaining CMMI-SVC v1.3 Maturity Level 3.



  2. Congrats!! for the achevement,
    May many more come to your bucket!!

    Good See Prasad being a key contributor of the journey


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