One year with Cigniti

Just around a day before 2011 Christmas, Raj Neravati and I prepared our resignation letters, to be sent to AppLabs HR and CEO.  We both were together along with our families, vacationing at Jim Corbett National park & Nainital Hill Resort.   It wasn’t an easy decision for us, as we have been with AppLabs for over 9 years, almost since its inception and was part of its journey from a headcount of 25 to 2500.   Around 8PM that evening, I have asked Radhika to hit the SEND button on the outlook email that contained my resignation letter, and Deepa (Raj’s wife) did the honors for Raj.  Kalyan Konda sent his letter next day.

We all joined Cigniti precisely one year from today.   Ramana Vemuri had joined a month earlier.  Yes, time does fly when you are having time of your life.  I joined Cigniti along with Raj and Kalyan, exactly 1 year ago, precisely at 3PM on March 5th, 2012. Why 3PM?  I had already documented here, “Why did we start precisely at 3PM” just about one year ago from today.

I have started blogging exactly one year ago, and a peek into my blog will tell you easily that I am actually able to practice reasonable work-life balance.  Empowerment and Fun factor that I had AppLabs went up several notches up after I have started working with Cigniti team.  I actually feel home, when I come to work here.  It sounds clichéd, but this is one of the most holistic work environments that I have ever experienced in the last 2 decades.

The core team (see below) complements each other with a unique set of skills and seems as if we all communicate in the same frequency.  There is no fear or shy amongst each to express our views and opinions, and but still work with a motto “ One Team, One Vision, One Company”.   So many milestones have been achieved in a single year, but there is a lot more to be done before we can rest.   For the first time in years, there was rarely a day where I haven’t enjoyed waking up to go to work. For the first time, there is no fear of uncertainty, fear of “what happens, if I don’t get it right”.  At the same, there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and inspiration to do more and willingness to take this company to new heights, each day,  and get everything right, first time

PS: When was the last time, your company announced your first anniversary on its corporate Facebook cover page 🙂   THANK YOU CIGNITI!!



Legend(s) –> Sanjay Jupudi, Srikanth Chakillam, Sriram Rajaram, Sudhakar Pennam, Subramanyam Chakkillam, Raj Neravati, Kalyan Konda, Ramana Vemuri, Sai Chintala





DSC_3946 DSC_3959 DSC_3915 DSC_3794 DSC_3829 DSC_3863

DSC_3915 DSC_3620 DSC_3848 SONY DSC

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12 thoughts on “One year with Cigniti

  1. Hello Sai , Congratulations for completing one year in Cigniti . You have narrated your experienced quite nicely.


  2. Sai, good to see you all once again in Cigniti. Good write up and well maintained blog.


  3. Hi Sai,

    Congrats. I like the way you narrate. You should try one book some time near future (if you get time 🙂 )


  4. Hi Sai- It is nice info that you had completed one more milestone- at Cigniti, ONE YEAR, with your rich experience any organisation can certainly be on top-as you folks as a team from Applabs- had “IN QUALITY YOU TRUST” therefore no compromise, in these terms is will get fruits for your efforts, which is relentless—- ANIL _your jntu_civil batch mate


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