No, it’s not our dog. I wish we could have a pet in our home.   We contemplated quite a few times, and gave up for various reasons. Aniketh is a big fan of dogs, and I also see canines quickly embrace and reach out to Aniketh too whenever he interacts with them. Aniketh and I were playing shuttle yesterday in our colony, and a Great Dane passed by us.  I said, “Hey, it’s a Marmaduke”, quickly recollecting the Scooby Doo series.   Aniketh said, ‘Dad, it’s a great dane”.

It was on an evening walk, escorted by it’s owner’s domestic helper (who almost seemed 70 years old).  Yes, this is also outsourced in India.   This is another luxury of returning to India, those who are contemplating on ROI of R2I.   Aniketh quickly reached out to great dane, and  started petting and it returned the affection cuddling him back.   As usual, I reached out to my iPhone to capture Aniketh & Great Dane (I forgot the name)

imagea.jpegs aimage aaimage dimage

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