Death Penalty for Rapists ?

Yesterday morning, we @ Cigniti had conducted recruitment drive to beef up our Inside Sales organization and invited several dozens of recent management graduates. As part of our best practice to hire top talent, we do have Group Discussion exercise to identify folks who are assertive and expressive.   I and Karan (our talent acquisition manager) spoke this morning and took just few moments to decide today’s current hot topic “Death Penalty for Rapists”.   During the launch of the GD round, I have asked participants if they can guess today’s GD topic.  To my surprise,  everyone took less than few seconds, and guessed it as either “Hate Speeches” or “Delhi Gang xxxx Incident”.

Typically I would normally find more than 25% of GD participants struggling to speak on any given topic. However, today more than 95% of the participants had strong opinion (mostly uniform) on the Death Penalty for Rapists.  Everyone was vocal, assertive, and did not hesitate to speak up (though struggled a bit in finding the right verbiage).  Nirbhaya definitely took fear out of public speaking. I knew entire nation was upset about the incident, but underestimated intensity of today’s youth’s unanimous opinion that Rapists must be punished severely and swiftly.  Just less than 10% of the participants were against the death penalty (but wanted severe & swift punishment)

As usual, I have unconsciously reached out to my iPhone and took few glimpses from the GD event.  To protect the privacy of the participants, I have presented the glimpses of today’s GD event in the X-Ray vision only.    You would notice mild levels of chaos first few minutes, as everyone wanted to speak up at the same time.  For the first time, contrary to regular GD norms, we had to ask each individual to speak-up in sequence, as absolutely everyone had something to say

Yes, we were able to select promising management trainees in the next few hours.

PS:  Last few moments of audio voice over is from Ashwin Palaparthi’s tribute to Nirbhaya.

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