PAST * PRESENT * FUTURE — Everything is connected

To utilize 3 hours break after our photography workshop in Bangalore today and I Srikanth went for CLOUD ATLAS today.  This movie reminded me of Radhika statements to me, whenever I ask her why she does so much meditation these days.  Radhika says, “When I meditate, seven generation either way (past and future) will benefit from it”.  Then I keep quiet and let her do what she does, thinking (and thanking too) that is a great bargain.

Movie is based on the novel by the same title.  Wiki will give you enough background of theme. Story explores how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.  Does it not remind of what is said per Hindu scriptures ?

This is yet another “OUT OF THE BOX” theme by Hollywood, this time using mix of karma, spirituality or sprit/soul, multi/parallel-threaded story, weaved across six generations.

This movie reminded me of feeling I got when I saw the MATRIX first time or INCEPTION most recently, little clueless of what’s happening, but eventually connecting all the dots.

Movie is rated high in IMDB and also rated 4/4 by Roger Ebert (who is tough on giving such a high rating and giving TWO THUMBS UP).  Roger mentioned that he watched movie twice already and planning for the third time to further connect the dots.

You might give it 0 or 4 rating on how you interpret the abstractness in the first viewing. This will become a classic eventually, once folks appreciate the complex story. There are six different stories running across six generations, so you would need bit of focus to attend to what’s happening on the screen 🙂

2 thoughts on “PAST * PRESENT * FUTURE — Everything is connected

  1. The movie i saw was more than 172 minutes. It was on Germany first day first show. But the print which is available now does not have all the scenes. It has been cut short to 172 minutes.The message and logic(The Past,Present,and the future is all connected) of the movie is not conveyed perfectly in youtube version. Not just you,Let the wachowski’s director of the movie also know the sad part about the print available now.Reading this let them release the uncut/uncensored version of the movie CLOUD ATLAS.


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