Why are we starting new gig today just around 3:00PM?


When my prospective employer asked for my date, time, place of birth, I was little baffled first and then was quite flattered as I could guess the reasoning behind the inquiry. My wife completed degree in astrology 5 years ago, and I had an opportunity to engage in related conversations with her and also overheard many of her conversations with her fellow students of astrology on the importance of choosing proper date and time for key events in life, if at all possible.  In this case, joining date and time was mutually decided by employer and us to ensure that we have a perfect launch for new quest for the quality and to ensure that our entry into new gig is wildly beneficial and successful to all the folks involved.

Reasoning from Galaxy:  Positioning of planets within in the galaxy change as the time passes.   Hence, the magnetic vibration produced by any specific positioning of the planets also varies accordingly.  Each of us supposedly gets imprinted in our DNA with these vibrations at the birth (based on the date, time, and place – which also determine our birth star) which in turn is responsible for our behavior and part of our destiny too.   As you all know planets have direct effect on water bodies.  Over 3/4th of our body also contain water; hence we are equally affected by the positioning of planets at any given time in the galaxy.  Hindu priests use combination of our birth star and other details to recommend start time for the key events in our life.

Again start time is just the one of the many levers for great success in one’s life.  Other factors that all of us know are: sheer hard work, belief system, and pinch of luck.


3 thoughts on “Why are we starting new gig today just around 3:00PM?

  1. Sai,

    I was wondering too when I started reading first few words that why a place birth is needed for a new job?

    Good to read that Radhika is very involved in Art of living. And also got a degree in astrology.



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